Time to head to the south and explore one of the country’s most upcoming destination; where mountains meet crystal blue waters, castles are on the top of picturesque beachfront villages, valleys of olive trees and hidden waterfalls are surrounded by beautiful long beaches.

I was in Dresden on an autumn weekend, exploring the city, but mainly the region around it. I loved the region of Saxony Switzerland, but Dresden itself just didn't get me... Why?

By László Balkányi (welovebudapest)

Heroes square in the morning light.

Nature is the main feature here: either you want to get closer to it or you are a landscape photographer.

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Maglie, Puglia: Italian Food Festival Mercatino del Gusto

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One hour away from the city of Zurich, you shall find Lucerne, one of the most beautifully pictursque Swiss towns. 

When I'm traveling, my trip should get as awesome as possible. I guess yours as well, right?
How do you achieve this? Usually budgets are limited or the time is! Everyone got a different opinion what “awesome” or “epic” means.


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